Nobody died yesterday. In the entire world, not one person succumbed to a life threatening disease, got hit by a car or was shot by some gangsta’ trying to make his bones. No one fell out of the sky and indented the ground when the weight of his body crashed into earth.

Don’t get me wrong. Just because no one died, doesn’t mean that horrible car accidents and maniacs shooting up busy shopping malls didn’t happen. They did - thousands of them - in every country in the world, leaving people brain dead and screaming in horrific pain. But, no one died yesterday.

Not one baby was born yesterday. No screaming, pregnant woman in labor was rushed to any hospital, anywhere in the world, ready to deliver what would become a precious little angel. Due dates came and went and these three to fifteen pound bundles of joy stayed right where they were.

I imagine that by tomorrow, all the news Medias throughout the world will recognize that this is one of the hottest news stories to have ever happened. Normally, they would rush to notify the seven and a half billion people who inhabit the 195 countries where this phenomenon took place.

Unfortunately, this news will never reach millions of people living in desolate and third world areas of the world. And, even if, by some small miracle, it does, they won’t care. It will mean nothing to them.

And, most likely, it won’t matter that much to the rest of the world’s populace either, who normally would be dumbfounded that such an occurrence took place.

Today, the world has something odder and bigger and stranger to deal with.

Because, you see, today, all seven and a half billion people who live in those 195 countries located on the seven continents throughout the world, woke up blue.

They weren’t blue because they were sad.

They were sad because they were blue.

All seven and a half billion men, women and children living on this planet called Earth, woke up to find that their bodies were a beautiful shade of blue. The blue wasn’t too dark. It wasn’t too light. Everyone was exactly the same. You could probably say it was just right.

No one saw the beauty in this phenomenon.

Scientists immediately started working on a cure for this affliction. Parents scrubbed their children’s bodies until they were raw, trying to remove the color. Patients asked doctors to remove layers of skin to rid them of this curse.

Thousands and thousands of people, who could not accept the new blue you, slashed their wrists, jumped from high rise buildings, or closed the garage door and turned on the ignition.

Mothers in labor held their breaths, wondering if the child they were about to deliver would be white or black or brown or yellow or red, just like they had been yesterday.

Yesterday the world gained no one. Yesterday the world lost no one. Tomorrow the world will become aware of this fact and no one will care.

Today, everyone who died in pain or simply went to sleep never to wake again, and all the babies who entered this world, screaming for attention, was blue. Everyone was the same. And, no one was happy.

God shook his head in sorrow, as he gazed down on his ungrateful people. “Guess all that talk about wanting to find a way to stop discrimination was just a lot of mumbo jumbo,” he muttered to himself, as he walked away, turning his back on his people.