Review of The House on Ludington Street, 

by The Bearded One

February 11, 2019

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The author Susan L Pare is an amazing writer. Even more amazing is what an incredible woman she is. I know for a fact that Susan wanted to write for many many years. You may have read in her bio that her writings didn't start till well after retirement age. I might know the reason why.

Susan raised three boys on her own. A single mother back in the day was no easy task. Oh there was the occasional marriage, but they were short lived. Susan finally decided that a man in her life was not always the best route for her or her three boys. Susan decided to go it alone. For nearly twenty-five years she dedicated her entire life to raising her boys. There were times when she worked three jobs sacrificing time with her boys to provide for them if that makes sense.

Susan never had a fancy house or drove a new car but there was always food on the table three times a day. There was lunch money and field trip money for the boys when they needed it. A back to school shopping spree took place every year to buy the kids supplies and clothes. Susan even managed to make sure the boys had gloves and bats for Little League and hockey equipment for her oldest son's favorite sport. Somehow this remarkable woman managed to provide quite well for her boys. They may have wanted something, but they never needed anything. Susan lived for her three boys.

I can tell story after story how this fine lady sacrificed for her children....but you get the idea.

In addition to independently providing for three boys financially Susan also taught her boys the definitions of honesty and integrity. She worked hard, excelled at everything she did and did it honestly. She expected her boys to do the same. Susan was, is, and always will be a great Mom.

What many didn't know about Susan was her deep desire to be a writer. Unfortunately for her, life was in the way for many years.

Retirement finally arrived and she was afforded the time to herself that she deserved for so long. At some point during retirement and after reading thousands and thousands of other authors books Susan decided it was time to get her feet wet and start writing. It was finally time for Susan to do something for herself.

Susan L Pare has published many excellent reads in the last few years. Her creative mind has finally come to print after years of dedicating her time and resources to her boys while putting her own dreams on hold.

I know all this because Susan L Pare is my Mother.

I am so proud of my Mom.

My Mom's dream has come true. She is a real author. Please consider reading one of my Mom's many published books. I know you will not be disappointed.

I love you Mom!

P.S. If anyone know's Ellen DeGeneres, please ask her to call my Mom. I wrote Ellen and sent her a few of my Mom's books trying to get my Mom on Ellen. That was a year ago. She hasn't responded lol.