N. Beal reviewed The Mayor's Son

 Keep Them Coming! October 6, 2017

Susan Pare continues to evolve as writer. With her new book, The Mayor's Son, she not only keeps you guessing but keeps you interested. Her style of writing blends many genres into one entertaining read. There is suspense, drama, humor, and mystery which just turns the book into a quick read because you don't want to put it down. If you have read any of the authors other books, this one does not disappoint. If you have read just this book, buy her other ones. Readers are sure to enjoy the authors dark sense of humor.


J.B. reviewed The Mayor's Son

 A great read start to end! September 21, 2017

Pare’s mind works a little different than most writers. I have read all her books and I can’t remember when I ever second guessed the ending of one of her mystery novels and got it right. The Mayor’s Son is no exception. To say “I never saw it coming” applies to this book just like all her others. I enjoyed the characters in this story. Even one of the bad boys, Pat, is so likeable that you want him to walk away with maybe just a slap on the wrist. I recommend it. It’s an easy read and moves along nicely. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure. A five star for sure, but it’s worth at least a six.


Kevin P. Quamme reviewed The Mayor's Son

 A good, entertaining read September 21, 2017

A simple town, a simple time ... and two ghastly crimes. Having grown up in small town America, I appreciated the undercurrents throughout the story. Cops, parents, friends and neighbors thinking the know everything there is to know about the goings-on around town ... only to find out otherwise. I found Susan's work to be an entertaining read that flowed well, kept me engaged, and provided a sufficient amount of suspense all the way to the surprise ending. Well done ...

patty vinz reviewed The Mayor's Son

 If you like Susan's books you will love this one! September 17, 2017

A delightful books with lots of goofy characters, as usual. Anyone from Columbus, especially the class of 1957,, needs to get and read this book. The story is a good mystery with lots of twists and turns, as usual. The dialogue (and thoughts) between Chief Austin and Officer Drolllstrom are so funny. Enjoyed every minute of it and looking forward to Susan's next book;


patty vinz reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 Another great book!! September 17, 2017

Susan just gets better and better!!! I read her books in one or two days. They are hard to put down. Great story with another surprise ending..Keep writing, Susan.


patty vinz reviewed Cowtown

 What's a Conquest Knight XV??? September 17, 2017

I really liked the story and characters. I am a big fan of Susan's books. She is a great, gifted writer. She has a brilliant imagination. I am looking forward to her next book!


patty vinz reviewed Willerton Woods

 Great book! September 17, 2017

A really good mystery. A seriously good book. It will keep you interested until the end and then you will wish it was a great big novel. Susan's writing just gets better.


patty vinz reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother

 Good, fast read. September 17, 2017

Susan did another great job with her characters in the Sheriff Berkson series.


patty vinz reviewed Floating Face Down (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 3)

 Yikes, snakes!!!! September 5, 2017

Another great Sheriff Berkson book.. Lots of great characters with great dialogue. Bobby, Cynthia, Funtelli, Casey, and many keep you reading and interested. you'll never look at a bouquet of flowers delivered to your home in the same way. Another surprise ending. Great book.


patty vinz reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Don't cross Sydney, but read the book!! September 5, 2017

This was my first book I read of Susan's and still my favorite. Sydney is someone most of us can relate to. I know I can. If you crossed Sydney, you were dead. A good read. An very interesting doctor/patient relationship with a surprise ending! As usual,, Susan knows how to string the reader along with all the twists and turns.


patty vinz reviewed A Bad Week In Hollister: A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel

 A really bad week for Sheriff Berkson, but a great one for readers of the book. September 5, 2017

I am a Susan Pare' fan. I have read all of her books so far and I hope she writes lots more. I thought I should finally give some of my opinions on them. I love all her colorful characters. Love her openings and closings. "You remember him. He lost his wife a couple of years ago, when one of those Ride the Ducks boat thingies ran over her. "Ya, I remember him. That was one freaky accident. She never saw it coming" " She was blind, Casey. Of course, she never saw it coming." Now that will get you started. Susan has a talent for lots of characters, with lots of twists and turns, and lots of humor thrown in as well. It will keep you reading and wondering what next!


Don O'Banion reviewed Willerton Woods

 Willerton Woods June 1, 2017

Fantastic book. Author does a super job holding you in suspense. Could not put it down until I finished once started.
I recommend this book if you like mystery. The length of the book was great.


N. Beal reviewed Willerton Woods

 Positive Impressions Continue. April 23, 2017

Ignore the 3-star review. Books and movies are written today to leave things open for sequels or leave people to interpret things themselves. Not everything needs a direct answer or conclusion. That is what keeps things interesting and going. Maybe the author has a sequel planned. Maybe she doesn't. Either way it makes you think and that is a good thing. This author continues to impress with her fun and twisted ways of thinking/writing. If you haven't read her previous books, do it. If you don't want to, this book is a perfect jumping on point to familiarize yourself with her writing.


Rachel Williamson reviewed Willerton Woods

 Bad ending April 17, 2017

The ending was horrible! I definitely would not recommend just because the ending leaves you guessing way way too muc


J.B. reviewed Willerton Woods

 Great Read!! April 15, 2017

Pare’ does it again. Her latest mystery novel is definitely a page turner and you won’t want to put it down until you know for sure who is who and what is what and who's done what. I love the twists and turns of the story and how the writer brings it all together at the end. I can’t wait for her next novel. This is a good read and just the right number of pages for me. I give it five stars and highly recommend it.


Don O'Banion reviewed Floating Face Down (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 3)

 Five Stars February 10, 2017

Author has a great imagination and always surprises me what is going to happen next. Great series.


Don O'Banion reviewed Cowtown

 Very exciting and kept you on your toes. Wondering ... February 10, 2017

Very exciting and kept you on your toes. Wondering what was happening next made you keep reading the book until finished.


Jane R Franklin reviewed A Bad Week in Hollister: A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson Mystery Novel (A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson...

 Four Stars February 7, 2017



J.B. reviewed Cowtown

 Lost reader reads again. Thanks Susan Pare.. January 10, 2017

Being born in Chicago I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I do not read often but this book was highly recommended by a friend. Once I started I wasn't able to put the book down until I was done. Thanks Ken, great recommendation.
I just ordered another title from this writer, guess Ill be reading this weekend.
Thanks Susan Pare. :)


ilene  reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 One Star December 29, 2016



chowie reviewed A Bad Week in Hollister: A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson Mystery Novel (A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson...

 Although I enjoyed reading the book December 11, 2016

Many times the physical setting of a book is what makes me decide to read it and since I have relatives in the Hollister area, I had to read this one. Although I enjoyed reading the book, I was a little disappointed in that it did not seem specific to the area and the characters did not ring true to me for the area.


Elizabeth Palmisano reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 An Unusual Read December 9, 2016

The only thing wrong with the book was that it had a weird ending. Will need to read the next one in line for sure.


dorny reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 GREAT READ______ November 16, 2016

She needs to continue in this series


trav s reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 an alright mystery, pretty predictable though October 22, 2016

written more like an episode of law and order, still it was interesting and kept my attention through the story and conclusion


robert sanders reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Three Stars September 19, 2016



Emma Nicodemus reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 Three Stars September 18, 2016

Had a hard time trying to tell what was going on.


corina reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 Two Stars September 12, 2016

Fluff summer reading


Emma Nicodemus reviewed A Bad Week in Hollister: A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson Mystery Novel (A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson...

 Five Stars September 10, 2016

Good book.


Emma Nicodemus reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Five Stars September 10, 2016

This series was great. Did'nt like the ending. Was almost incomplete.


E. Robertson reviewed Crossing Sydney

 There is no good guy in this book August 12, 2016

Unsettling, disturbing, engrossing page turner. There is no good guy in this book. It's a very unique passage into the mind of a twisted serial killer and I've never read anything quite like it. Very interesting. Well done, Ms. Pare'!


dkh704 reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 August 9, 2016

Well, it was different...


midge reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Five Stars August 4, 2016

I couldn't put this one down! It held my interest to the end.


Laurie Lawson reviewed Crossing Sydney

 A Fantastic Ride! July 18, 2016

No matter how sophisticated a reader you are, Crossing Sydney is going to surprise you. A unique plot that keeps you riveted until the very end where you'll find yourself going back to read the last few pages just in case you missed something. You didn't - you were delightfully and masterfully tricked.


N. Beal reviewed Floating Face Down (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 3)

 The End of Cowboy? July 8, 2016

A fitting end to what has been a very entertaining trilogy involving Sheriff Berkson. Plenty of twists and turns where your suspicions have you keep pointing your finger at someone else. Ms. Pare does it again with interesting and entertaining incidents/accidents/murders and now they have even gone more explosive. She continues to evolve as a writer and I look forward to what she writes in the future.


J.B. reviewed Floating Face Down

 I think to a great series. The Author has always surprised me in ... July 5, 2016

The ending, I think to a great series. The Author has always surprised me in her books.
I recommend highly reading her books.


midge reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

1 of 1 people found the following helpful

 Didn't like the ending June 25, 2016

It wasn't what I expected. Didn't like the ending.


Amazon Customer reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Three Stars June 22, 2016

Unexpected ending.


Amazon Customer reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Could not put it down! June 21, 2016

Could not put it down once I started. A fast and entertaining read...with a plot twist I didn't see coming.

J.B. reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 Comes highly recommended! April 10, 2016

I had started reading this Authors books on a recommendation. I have enjoyed each one . I can with confidence recommend this book to all.
Be sure to read her others as well.


N. Beal reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 An Initiation Gone Wrong April 5, 2016

As always, Ms. Pare does not disappoint on the murder mystery genre. I have to say that this is her best book to date and she continues to deliver. I do wish there was more for this story just flew by with suspense. I could not wait to see who the murderer was or if it indeed was all coincidence.


Don O'Banion reviewed Let's Play Autopsy

 Very exciting book kept you on your toes and once ... March 8, 2016

Very exciting book kept you on your toes and once started to read it, could not stop until it was finished


J.B. reviewed A Bad Week In Hollister: A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel

 Looking forward to the next book... January 21, 2016

Another great read by Pare. This Author is new to me but continues to keep you interested throghout the book. I have read all 3 of her books and hope she publish another soon. Definitely recommend to all.
Great Job!


Don O'Banion reviewed A Bad Week in Hollister: A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson Mystery Novel (A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson...

 Very exciting and kept you on edge and did not ... January 14, 2016

Very exciting and kept you on edge and did not want to put book down once started waiting for the outcome.


J.B. reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Great read. Great ending! December 9, 2015

Excellent reading. I started to read the book and couldn't put it down. Just purchased m
Ms Pare's third book. If you want suspense and an ending you will never guess make sure you read her books.


Mathew Paust reviewed A Bad Week in Hollister: A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson Mystery Novel (A Sheriff Cowboy Berkson...

 Quick and quirky, and with music you just might be able to dance to it. December 9, 2015

A quick, entertaining read about a small-town police department that might be the product of a one-night-stand between Mayberry R.F.D. and Barney Miller. The characters, led by Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson (who might be a mix of Sheriff Taylor and Capt. Miller) are a quirky bunch who might resemble Barney Fife, Goober, Wojo and Carl Levitt were they developed a tad more. The twisty plot, the suspense and the realistic dialogue do reasonably well carrying A Bad Week in Hollister, which could benefit a whole lot with more description--of the characters and the town. I found the ending original and with one of those surprises you sometimes find after the credits of a movie you think is ove


Amazon Customer reviewed A Bad Week In Hollister: A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel

 Another page turner! Susan L. Pare' does it ... November 19, 2015

Another page turner! Susan L. Pare' does it again. A dramatic mystery sprinkled with a bit of comedy. An entertaining read for sure.

River's Dad reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Who is this author? September 11, 2015

I read this author's first book CROSSING SYDNEY and was quite impressed. When I saw that there was a second book published I downloaded it immediately. If this book was going to be as good as this author's first writing I was in for another enjoyable read.  I was not disappointed. The author once again grabbed my complete attention in the very first pages and I was unable to put the book down.


joy reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother

 Do you know? September 8, 2015

Could not put this book "Don't Smother Your Mother" down. It will hold your interest until the very end - full of twists and turns.
You think you know? You have to keep reading............


Susan Harrington reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Loved it. September 3, 2015

Does not take real long to read. Keeps you reading until the end. Loved it.


Suzilla reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Smother MY Mother? Hmmmm August 25, 2015

Very good reading and had some good twists in there. Light reading yet I couldn't seem to put book down till I finished it..Never turn your back on older women,lol..Would buy from again..A++++ all the way.


Don O'Banion reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 Don't Smother Your Mother August 19, 2015

This book is one that keeps you in suspense all the way through and you cannot stop reading until you have finished it.
It also shows the relationship of a mother with her sons. Very exciting all the way.


N. Beal reviewed Don't Smother Your Mother (A Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Novel Book 1)

 I Would Smother Her August 15, 2015

This writer continues to impress. A great little thriller/suspense novel that tests the love and limits of the mother-son relationship. Some nice twists and humorous scenes that keep you reading until the very end.


J.B. reviewed Crossing Sydney

 A Must Read August 4, 2015

I typically do not recommend books to my family or friends but this book has been an exception to my rule. Everyone I have let read has not only said they will be recommending the book and absolutely loved it! Kudos to this first time Author and I can't wait to read her next writing.
An absolute read!! You will not be disappointed.....


Don O'Banion reviewed Crossing Sydney

 Exciting Book July 20, 2015

This book was very interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat.
It is well written and exciting. Could not stop reading once started.


River's Dad reviewed Crossing Sydney

 What an Ending! July 15, 2015

I purchased Crossing Sydney to read on my flight and it did not disappoint. From takeoff to landing I could not put this book down. I was positive I knew how this story would was I wrong!

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