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Excerpt From: Cassie's Cookies

Excerpt from Chapter 8


Jack Miller was sitting on the curb in front of Amber’s house. He was as white as a ghost and trembling. He had barely managed to make it out of the house before he threw up all over the front steps. He had stumbled over to the lawn, knelt on the grass, and managed to phone the police before he tossed his cookies the second time. As soon as he had pulled himself together, he had called Harry Summers.

Harry pulled his car over to the side of the street, across from his old house, and turned off the ignition. He sat back and took a deep breath. He wasn’t ready for this. Jack had said it was bad. Real bad. He glanced around and noticed his friend sitting on the curb holding his head in his hands. Harry exited his car and walked over to Jack.

Jack glanced up when he heard footsteps approaching. “Harry,” he mumbled.

“Jack,” Harry replied, acknowledging his friend. “I’m so sorry. If I had any idea that you would find this…”

“You had no way of knowing,” Jack said. “The door wasn’t closed all the way, so I pushed it open and called out to her.” He closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to get rid of the picture in his head. “I smelled her before I saw her, Harry. The smell was – I’ve never – it was…”

“I get it. I’m so sorry.”

“I got sick all over the front steps. The cops were pissed about that. Like I could help it. I’ve never seen so much blood.”

A rocky romance leaves Kate beaten, bruised, and seeking revenge against her ex-boyfriend, Mark. Arrogant enough to believe she can commit a perfect murder; she buys a gun. However, when Mark is found shot, the gun Kate bought isn’t the murder weapon.


Detective Morris is sure that Kate is the killer but he has no concrete evidence to arrest her. Then, a few weeks later, another body is found, murdered with the same gun as Kate’s ex. Although Kate is the only one with a motive, she is hundreds of miles away from the murder scene.


Is Kate constantly a step ahead of Detective Morris and has she committed not one but two perfect murders? Will Morris finally get the evidence he needs to arrest and convict her? Or, will these two murders go cold?


If you enjoy surprises, you’re going to love this book. I guarantee you’ve never read a murder mystery like this.

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