A knock on the door in the middle of the night. Your heart races and you know if you answer that knock, your world might change forever. Nichole opened the door the night that knock came and, in one split second, her world came crashing down.


A horrible car accident starts the downhill plunge that slowly begins to destroy a once happy family. Never in a million years did Nichole consider, when she opened the door, that she would be spending months in a hospital sitting next to her comatose daughter.

Somethings are not what they seem and, soon after the accident, Sheriff Katts determines that it wasn’t an accident at all but a deliberate act of a jealous ex-boyfriend. However, knowing it and proving it are two different things. Before Sheriff Katts can make an arrest, the young man is found murdered. And, there are plenty of suspects, including  Nichole.

When Sheriff Katts is sure he has his man, new evidence points him in an entirely different direction and to another body, discovered in a place where no one ever wants to be.

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Girls just want to have fun and, as far as Tillie’s concerned, age shouldn’t be a factor. Going on eighty, Tillie discovers that an electric scooter gives her the freedom to start living her life again.

After a chance meeting with an old friend, romance blooms and wedding bells are just around the corner. Tillie is having a ball, and her daughter is having a nervous breakdown worrying about her mother. But, love can have its ups and downs and a day after Tillie and her fiancé get into a fight, he is found murdered. Is Tillie next? Or, is she the murderer? 

Chief Austin hopes he can do his grandfather proud and find the answers to this unusual murder. However, he is suddenly faced with a bigger problem when one of his suspects disappears. Now, time is running out and hopes of finding his suspect alive is getting slimmer by the minute.


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Except for the survivors, if there are any, that is, does anyone really know what goes on behind closed doors? If a house could speak, what ghastly tales could it tell? Of course, there’s always a slight possibility that there is one person, still living, who might speak for it.

It’s 1956 and Samuel Hassel is old and bored and ready to kick the bucket. So, when a couple of curious teenage boys ask him a simple question, he grabs at the opportunity to start talking. There’s a house, on Ludington Street, which was built in the early 1900s. Samuel helped build that house, and now, after all these years, he has an audience and he is ready to tell its story.

As the two teenagers sit by his side, Samuel recounts the stories of the families who lived and died in that house from 1906 to the present day. A house that was surely cursed from the day the foundation was laid.


(1906)Von Schmidt reached for the gun and aimed it at the terrified school teacher’s knee. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the stone mason yelled, “It was me. For God’s sake, don’t shoot him.” Von Schmidt turned the gun away from Flannagan and pointed it at the mason. “You did this? You violated this woman? You confess that it was you?”

(1921) “I ran to help him. He was just lying there. There was blood everywhere. I asked him what had happened and he whispered that it was the ghost. He said the ghost grabbed one of his swords and plunged it into his chest.”


In 2001, fifteen year old Lyle Sleeter is coerced into confessing that he murdered Marjorie Finnegan, and is sentenced to spend this rest of his life in prison. Sixteen years later, now thirty-one years old, the appeals court commutes Sleeter’s sentence and he returns to his hometown in Illinois.

The case is re-opened by Sheriff Tickman, who originally led the investigation. Suddenly, new evidence is found by Tickman’s wife, Francis. Angry at being deceived, she gives it to the only cop she trusts, Deputy Laura Edwards.

Did Sheriff Tickman railroad Sleeter? Was he the one who killed Marjorie Finnegan? Or, was Sleeter the real killer, after all?

Once again, Pare’ has you turning the pages, as you delve into a world of murder, sex, and police corruption. And, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will never see the ending coming.


  It’s summer time, 1957.  Early on a Sunday morning, a young woman is found lying dead in the street. She’s been murdered and thrown away like a sack of garbage. Hours later, a second woman is pulled out of the Crawfish River, a victim of a brutal killing.

     Chief Augie Austin, Columbus’ top cop, suspects that he may be dealing with a serial killer. But, when the clues send him in two different directions, he realizes that is dealing with two murderers, not one.

     Austin’s peaceful world is turned upside down, as he realizes that Columbus is not the unspoiled, perfect little town he thought it was. As he interviews witnesses and friends of the deceased, he finds himself up against one road block after another. People aren’t talking and he wants to know why.

     As the evidence builds, Austin recognizes that it is pointing to one of his own officers. Already suspicious that this cop has been bending the rules for personal gain, Austin realizes that he may have a murderer patrolling his streets.

     Knowing he must tread carefully, Austin sets out to build a rock solid case against Officer Drollstrom -  the mayor’s son.


    Shortly after Jack Willerton’s head and torso are found hanging in his barn, his fifteen year daughter, Rachel, is arrested and charged with his murder.

    Judge Reinhold appoints Peter Fisher, who has just recently passed his bar exams, to represent Rachel. Peter quickly realizes he is in over his head and wants no part of it. He contacts, Jessica Patterson, the best lawyer in Iron Mountain, and asks her to take over. Jessica, aware that this case could be bigger than the O.J. trial, agrees to partner with him to defend his client.

    After Jessica begins to investigate her client’s background, the nightmares that have tormented her for years, become more frequent. Recognizing that she needs help, Jessica makes an appointment with Dr. Bentley, a psychiatrist and allows him to hypnotize her. The mystery of her nightmares begins to surface, only to raise more uncertainties.

    Now the real question is – who is she? Is she really Jessica Patterson? Or, is she Claire Ann Willerton, the daughter of Jack Willerton? And, Rachel’s half-sister?


     Freddie Demonti grew up in small Chicago neighborhood, called Cowtown. Back in the 1800’s, Cowtown consisted of a general store, a one room school house, a church, a couple of saloons, and was surrounded by cattle farms. Over the years, the farms were sold off to greedy land developers, houses were built, and the town grew and prospered.

     Early in the 1900’s, Cowtown was annexed to the City of Chicago. Freddie Demonti’s great grand-father, Alfredo, was born in Cowtown around that time, and his parents decided it would be a good place to settle down and raise their family.

     Throughout the years, the Demonti men were known for their fast tempers and quick fists, and Freddie lived up to their reputation. The slightest thing could set him off and he earned the nickname, ‘Firecracker’, when he was just a kid.


     Soon after Freddie beats up Mike Campanale for spilling a drink on him, three young women decide to get even by embarrassing Freddie in front of the town. They hit Freddie where they know it will hurt him the most – they mess with his Conquest Knight XV. Big mistake! What starts out as a prank quickly turns into a war between the two families.

     After one of Mike’s sisters goes missing, Detective Peppers, of the Chicago Police Department, is brought in to investigate. As he runs into one stumbling block after another, he quickly realizes that dealing with the Demonti and Campanale families is way beyond the norm.



    Bobby Johnson has a target on his back and his former best friend, Cal Cuddihey, has him in his sights.


     After Cal’s first attempt to wipe Bobby off the face of the earth fails, Cal doesn’t give up, deciding there’s more than one way to skin a cat. When his second attempt also fails, Bobby decides it’s time to put on the gloves and start fighting back.


     Officer Funtelli’s old girlfriend, JoJo, who went missing three years ago, is found on a filthy bathroom floor in a local bar, with a gunshot wound to her head. JoJo and her parents refuse to explain her disappearance. And, when Officer Funtelli figures it out, he is torn between his feelings for JoJo and getting revenge.

    No one is talking. As Sheriff Berkson tries to figure out who is killing who and why, he finds himself up against one dead end after another. Then, when he finally discovers the biggest clue as to ‘who done it’, he still hasn’t got a clue what it means.


     Is Sheriff Berkson going to be left with an unsolved murder and an open case? Or, will he finally figure it all out?



     Kalispell cop, Detective Myers, was on the job the night two twelve year old children lost their lives in a tragic accident. The five surviving kids swore to each other that they would never tell the true story of what happened, and they’ve kept that promise for sixteen years. Now, one by one, the survivors of that horrible night are being brutally murdered.


     Detective Myers delves into his old case files to see if he can find a connection between what happened sixteen years ago, and the murders. The pressure is on to find the killer, but Myers has nothing to work with and is afraid these cases will go cold.When another body is found just outside of Helena, Detective Myers joins forces with Detective West, of the Helena Police Department.


     Just when the detectives think they might have their man, a new suspect emerges, taking them in a new direction. Are these people being murdered by a relative looking for revenge or is it all just a coincidence?





     Sheriff “Cowboy” Berkson figures Hollister, Missouri has finally returned to normal. He’s solved the latest murder and the culprit is behind bars. Now, his plans are to spend his days with his feet up on his desk, drinking coffee, and enjoying an occasional piece of homemade pie from Minnie’s Diner.


     That plan is short lived, however, after a key witness from the Melissa Johnson trial is found floating in Lake Taneycomo.


     Now, it seems the Sheriff’s main problem isn’t that he hasn’t got a suspect – it’s that he’s got too many. Never one to play by the rules, Sheriff Berkson walks a fine line as he tries to narrow down the list of suspects. Just when he figures he’s got his man, a new clue points him in a different direction.


     One thing the Sheriff is sure of though, is that the killer has a swimming pool. And, he’s not going to quit looking, even if it means checking out every single pool in Hollister.


     Join the Sheriff, Deputy Casey George, and the colorful characters from “Don’t Smother Your Mother” in this new and exciting Sheriff Berkson mystery novel.



 When Melissa Johnson’s husband crosses the line, she pulls out her .45, fires a few warning shots, and boots his butt out the door. He disappears, leaving her to raise three little boys on her own.


     It is now twenty-three years later, Melissa is struggling to make ends meet, and her three grown sons are still living at home. Tired of supporting them, she finally puts her foot down and gives them three months to move out.


     However, before they pack up and leave, Melissa comes into a windfall, and they decide they aren’t going anywhere.


     Disappearing steps, objects falling from trees, shots being fired and a missing toe makes Melissa start to think that someone just might be trying to kill her.


     For the first time in years, she cleans her gun, loads it, and puts it under her pillow.                                                       



     Sydney Geyer first killed at the age of twelve. Now, forty-eight years later, a medical prognosis indicates that death is only months away. With time running out, Sydney decides to come clean to the FBI and confess to multiple unsolved murders.


     When that plan falls short, Sydney randomly chooses Dr. Gabriel Miller as the psychiatrist to hear the story.  Day after day, for five weeks, Dr. Miller listens to Sydney relay the stories of the gruesome and heartless murders that were committed over a period of forty-eight years.


     Knowing that he is dealing with a psychopath, Dr. Miller wrestles with his conscience regarding doctor-patient confidentiality and his fear of Sydney.


     Should he turn Sydney over to the FBI now before another murder, possibly his, takes place?  Or, should he risk it


     Crossing Sydney will keep you totally riveted from the shocking first page to the mind blowing last sentence.