lefsesmom reviewed Blueberries and Bears and My Brother's Shoes

December 31, 2019  - Book Brought Back Many Memories!

This book was interesting and brought back many of my childhood memories from eating Cracker Jacks with the prizes, the role of having a different religion that mattered to some people, wearing clothes from second-hand stores, to getting a new homemade dress for a special occasion. Susan Pare experienced happy circumstances and some things only dysfunctional parents would do to their kids so I felt so sorry for her, yet she turned things around with her humor and this kept me reading. This book certainly gives readers insights into what's happening in a child's head, both happy things and sad. I think this book would have readers reminiscing about forgotten memories. I enjoyed reading this book and at times I laughed out loud!


John F. Haase reviewed Red, White, and Blue

November 29, 2019 - WOW ! Talk about making one think (even about themself).

All I can say is, "WOW !". Pare has really gone outside herself and her usual down home, small town, heart rending novels. She usually creates characters that force you to remember people you knew a long time ago. The scenarios often lead you to preconceived endings that never quite work out that way. Red, White, and Blue is different in that it deals with attitudes and prejudices that exist in today's world. Wonderful work Susan ! Keep it up and I'd love to see a full blown work incorporating all 3 of these scenarios. Good Job!

N. Beal reviewed Red, White, and Blue

November 27, 2019 -  More Like Red, White, & All New! 

Let me start off by saying this is a different style of writing by Ms. Pare. This is the first of hopefully many short stories written by her. These short stories make the reader think about people. What they are on the outside may not be necessarily what they are on the inside. After reading Red, White, and Blue it really got me thinking about nature versus nurture and I started asking myself, what if? A great read all around.

Stephen Tichenor reviewed Red, White, and Blue

November 27, 2019 -  Brilliant and thought provoking! 

I received my copy of “Red, White, and Blue” yesterday! I found it brilliantly entertaining and thought provoking! Like all of Susan’s work it left me wanting more!

J.B. reviewed Red, White, and Blue

November 23, 2019 - Sad but true 

Wow! Pare’ has totally stepped away from writing a mystery novel and has written her first short story. I’m torn between loving it for its content and really loving it for the message it conveys. It’s only three chapters, but they are powerful chapters and really make you think. I understand that this short story has been entered in a contest and I, for one, think it’s a real winner

Stephen Tichenor reviewed She Never Stopped Talking

November 2, 2019 -  Books are the gift that keeps on giving! 

Another exciting mystery from a master. An engrossing roller coaster of a read with great characters and lots of twists and turns! So much fun! Perhaps Susan L. Pare’s best work so far!

patty vinz reviewed She Never Stopped Talking

October 26, 2019 - Susan Pare always makes you think!!! 

I love Susan Pare's books. This one was terrific. You really can't put it down. I love all her characters and twists and turns until you think you have it figured out.... and then you don't. The ending was a real surprise and you still have to figure out how did it really end? Or did it? I can't wait for her next book!! She is a talented writer.

J.B. reviewed She Never Stopped Talking

October 11, 2019 - Will not be able to put this book down until you have finished reading. Great story!

A child in a coma – a broken marriage – a son out of control - all make for disaster waiting to happen. And, it does. Pare’, once again, has written a novel that you won’t be able to put down until you finish it. When you are sure you have it figured out -guess what? You never saw it coming. Great read by a great author. Don’t miss this one.


Steve Tichenor reviewed The House on Ludington Street

October 3, 2019

Another brilliantly written murder mystery from Susan L Pare’. I am in awe at her imagination and ability build layers of characters and twists and turns! I’m hopelessly hooked. I’ve read all of her novels, and I cannot wait for the next one! She keeps getting better and better, and she set the bar quite high with her first!

Rose Arbor reviewed Crossing Sydney

September 13, 2019   -  Surprising Ending 

This was a fascinating book. Sydney seemed in many ways like a nice, hard-working person. But you certainly don't want to get on her bad side. The ending was a complete surprise. The book is short, but packs a wallop. I will look for more from this author.


Emma L Jones reviewed The House on Ludington Street

September 1, 2019 Fun Read

I really enjoyed reading this book. Our book club picked this one. Looking forward to meeting the author and the discussion.

N. Beal reviewed Red

July 7, 2019

Format: Kindle Verified Purchase

Oh Tillie!

Another Susan Pare whodunnit classic. Tillie is a great character who proves age does not matter. With a terrific main character and premise, Susans' dark humor shines in Red. Another murder mystery unfolds in Red and Susan once again sucks the reader in to see exactly what happened. It is not necessarily about finding the murderer but exploring the twist and turns, mixed with some suspense, that gets you there. Susan's series of books are excellent and it is safe to say her stand alone titles are just as excellent.

J.B. reviewed RED

April 14, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

I love this author!

Another good book by Pare’. Her dry and obviously dark humor shines through in Red. Sometimes the slightest thing can drive families apart no matter how much you love them and, in some cases, drive them right over the edge. I really enjoyed the characters, especially feisty old Tillie. I highly recommend you read this one.

Review by Stephen P Tichenor    4/6/10

I am 70 years of age. I am the youngest of three sons of a mother who spent her adult life working with and reading books. It is no coincidence that I share her love of books and reading. I have read everything from poetry and fiction to USAF technical manuals.

Last year I became acquainted with Susan L. Pare through the wonders of social media. Fortunately Susan shared some of her writing on Facebook. I was intrigued by her unique turn of phrase. I eschew e-books so finally opted to invest in her paperbacks. I was delighted to find her books are larger than standard paperbacks. The larger pages provide for larger print, which easier for my tired old eyes. My mother would have been positively impressed as well.

I chose to read her latest book “Red” first, as I was informed of a lack of reviews due to its newness no doubt. The cover is beautiful in its simplicity and cleverly created. The writing is crisp and entertaining, without boring digressions. It subtly draws you into the story and the character development, and you find yourself wanting to read and learn faster. As with any great murder mystery are twists and turns followed by a delightful twist at the end.

In the end I find I have become somewhat addicted to Susan’s writing, and I no sooner finished “Red” than I immediately dove into “Don’t Smother You Mother”! I cannot recommend Susan L. Pare’s works highly enough. Please, bare in mind I usually prefer to read nonfiction or historical fiction, but I’m hopelessly enchanted by how Susan crafts her creations!


Karen Clemens revewed The Mayor's Son

February 9, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

A must read! Awesome book!

This was a fast and fun read. Especially since Susan used our hometown as a festive fruitbowl of colorful characters! Loved it! On to The House On Ludington Street.


The Bearded One reviewed The House on Ludington Street

February 11, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

If you are thinking of buying this book, please read my review.

The author Susan L Pare is an amazing writer. Even more amazing is what an incredible woman she is. I know for a fact that Susan wanted to write for many many years. You may have read in her bio that her writings didn't start till well after retirement age. I might know the reason why.       Susan raised three boys on her own. A single mother back in the day was no easy task. Oh there was the occasional marriage, but they were short lived. Susan finally decided that a man in her life was not always the best route for her or her three boys. Susan decided to go it alone. For nearly twenty-five years she dedicated her entire life to raising her boys. There were times when she worked three jobs sacrificing time with her boys to provide for them if that makes sense.      Susan never had a fancy house or drove a new car but there was always food on the table three times a day. There was lunch money and field trip money for the boys when they needed it. A back to school shopping spree took place every year to buy the kids supplies and clothes. Susan even managed to make sure the boys had gloves and bats for Little League and hockey equipment for her oldest son's favorite sport. Somehow this                                                     (Cont.)     Click here to read entire review

N. Beal reviewed The House on Ludington Street

December 22, 2018

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

A New Approach

Susan Pare once again writes something that you will not be able to put down as a reader. Her stories have always been captivating but this novel is a new approach for her. She takes what her old novels did so well and added new elements to House on Ludington Street. For those television viewers out there this novel is a blend of American Horror Story and Haunting of Hill House. Throw in some dark humor and binge read away. Her twists and turns continue to impress and the development of characters makes you care about what you are reading. Another terrific piece of writing by Ms. Pare!

lefsesmom reviewed The House on Ludington Street 

December 11, 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

A Book for my Classroom!

Susan Pare, the author, used to live in my house years ago and this is the House on Ludington Street! I've been in the city about 9 years and it was fun to read about some familiar places. I teach reading at a nearby community college. The class is at college-level, but my students aren't quite there and reading is the best strategy for improving reading. Every semester, I have a rather unique semester-long project where they students get to choose a book, fact or fiction, by a Wisconsin author that they would like to read. Susan Pare's books would work well for some of my students. I am adding her books to our collection because they are a manageable length and would appeal to my students.


Diane Muri reviewed The House on Ludington Street

 November 23, 2018

 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

 A Great House

This is a fun book to read, a good mystery. There are secret tunnels, ghosts, murderers and interesting characters. Knowing the house as I did makes it an even better tale. The author is a good story teller so enjoy all the Columbus folks.

J. B. reviewed The House on Ludington Street

November 8, 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

There just might be ghosts,after all.

Fiction or fact? Pare brings it all, as an old man tells a tale of murder, deceit, and – yes – even a resident ghost. A great read and Pare just gets better with each book she writes. I’d give it six stars if I could. Highly recommend you don’t pass this one by.

Patty Vince reviewed The House on Ludington Street

October 20, 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Another Columbus mystery to think about.

I am a big fan of Susan!! I love her books. This one was such a good one with her usual twists and turns, it could have been much longer!! Her characters are always interesting, as well as the backgrounds. She has a remarkable imagination. I hope she is on her next one!!!!

Matt Paust reviewed The House on Ludington Street

October 14, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I don't dare go home again!

I've read only two novels about my hometown, both by Susan Paré. The only other one I know of, rumored to be a satire about one of my high school English classes by the teacher, was never published (I hope). I ran into the teacher several years later and he snickered when I mentioned the rumor, but didn't deny it. I've not seen the manuscript.
Decades later, merely learning of Paré's The Mayor's Son caused one of my eyebrows to arch—something I cannot will it to do altho I've tried many times. Paré was four years ahead of me in school and I didn't know her, but a cousin dated her younger sister and her younger brother dated my sister. Prime sources for a devious novelist. So, having actually been the mayor's son back then I had no choice but to read the book. Forced myself to read the book, and...and...whew! Deeep deep breath. My fears for naught. Paré’s mayor's son and mayor resembled neither me nor kin! No embarrassment.                                Click here to read entire review

John Haase reviewed The House on Ludington Street

October 11, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

WOW ! What a riveting (and memory-shaking) story !!!

It's amazing. Susan took memories from a small (and rather boring) mid-western town and turned it into a riveting and memory-shaking story. Being from the same town, I recognized all the landmarks and, with some imagination, characters even though the names were slightly altered (with good reason). Whitey was correctly rendered, including his personality. I LOVED IT !! Can't wait for the hinted-at sequel. Thank you Susan. (BTW: I'm Poop);

MichaelJ reviewed Floating Face Down

Book Three September 1, 2018

This is the final book of a 3 book series. All 3 stories are written in a simple style that most small town folks can relate to. The stories had a lot of different plot changes that involved mostly around one family and always seemed to keep one guessing as to what would happen next. For me, it was hard to put the books down once I started to read them, as they really kept my interest up, and I was also able to read through each one rather quickly. I also liked the fact that at the end, one has the ability to use one's own imagination as to what else may have happened in the future if the story line was then continued. Just simply fun, enjoyable reading, in my opinion,


John Haase reviewed Don’t Smother Your Mother

Well, Susan has done it again. August 13, 2018

Well, Susan has done it again. Kept my rapt attention from beginning to end.
This isn't my first rodeo with Susan. I love her writing, style, and suspense.
One thing everyone will probably notice: As you read you start to think of people you used to know who are just like the characters in the book. Usually poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes people you'd just like to go back to forgetting.

The Bearded One reviewed What's Behind the Screen Door?

 Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading Susan Pare's books and have come to look ... July 15, 2018

Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading Susan Pare's books and have come to look forward to her next release. Behind the Screen Door once again did not disappoint keeping me engaged the entire read. What a refreshing and intriguing author. If you have read any of Susan's books you learn to absolutely "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED."

N. Beal reviewed What's Behind the Screen Door?

 Good Luck Guessing What's Behind the Screen Door! June 5, 2018

The evolution of Susan Pare as writer continues. Just when you think you figure something out or who is guilty, new factors come into play making you question everything. After all, the title itself is a question. Ms. Pare does a beautiful job of keeping the reader engrossed in the story and honestly reading this one feels like an R rated version of a CSI episode. Not necessarily with the forensics detail but with the surprise twists and ending. Another review on this book mentioned how this could be a screenplay and I would certainly agree. It has all the makings of what would be an excellent film.

patty vinz reviewed What's Behind the Screen Door?

 another great read by Susan Pare May 20, 2018

Again, another great read by Susan Pare. Her characters are always interesting, even their names. It is another murder mystery involving a police department. You won't want to put it down and will wish it were longer!! I look forward to her next book!!!

John F. Haase reviewed What's Behind the Screen Door?


Susan has gone and done it AGAIN! this one will keep you confused from the beginning all the way to the surprise ending (DO NOT PEEK !). This is my fourth Susan L. Pare' novel. I never get tired of 'em. Susan: If I don't smell screenplay for this one I'll be surprised.

J.B. reviewed What's Behind the Screen Door?

 Great reading. You won't be able to put this book down. May 6, 2018

Don’t get confused between SCREEN door and GREEN door. What’s Behind the Green Door was a popular song back in the 60’s. The only songs the characters in this book are singing are songs of woe. This is a clever mystery novel, set in a small town west of Chicago. This book is definitely a ‘who done it’ and just when you think you have figured out ‘who done it’, new evidence takes everything in a different direction. Pare’ has a knack for surprising endings and this novel will definitely not disappoint. I enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait for Pare’s next book.

MichaelJ reviewed The Mayor's Son

 made this a very fun read as well December 23, 2017

A very entertaining story, and living in the community where the story takes place, made this a very fun read as well. I was very surprised by the ending.

Pat McNulty reviewed The Mayor's Son

 A good book a nice plot a lot of twists and ... October 27, 2017

A good book a nice plot a lot of twists and turns. also has a lot of interesting characters. Looking forward to Susan's next book.

The Bearded One reviewed The Mayor's Son

 My 3rd Susan Pare read and "The Mayor's Son" was EXCELLENT October 19, 2017

I am not one for writing reviews as I am a reader not a writer but I wanted to say how refreshing it is to have an author that keeps you guessing and makes it difficult to figure out the outcome of her books. This is the 3rd Susan Pare book I have enjoyed and I love all the twists and turns all her books deliver. It is refreshing to read a book that keeps you engaged the entire book. Well done author Susan Pare. I look forward to your next book!

John F. Haase reviewed The Mayor's Son

 Home Run Susan! October 13, 2017

WOW!! Pare’ has really gone and hit a home run!
The Mayor’s Son is filled with interesting characters, suspense, and mystery all mixed together and baked into a fantastic finish. Small towns in Middle America do not have neer-do-wells, crime or murders. Not true! And Susan brought it all to life. Her use of actual names of businesses, streets, and locations makes it all the more real. I could just picture myself eating popcorn from George H’s popcorn wagon, sitting in Earl’s Café with my buddy Whitey (or even the Firemen’s Tap). I wish I could go back, it’s been so long. I recognized most of the people in the book (yes, even Susan) and looked some of them up on the internet to see if I was right.     Susan is a very accomplished author and this one is great! It is difficult to put it down or take a break. Well done!

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