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Chief Mike Callas is worried. A developer has bought Jake Farmer’s farm and is about to tear down the buildings. There’s a body out there and Callas doesn’t want it found. 

     Forensics that are found at the murder scene of a local man leads Callas to the doorstep of the local priest.

     Deputy Sheriff Barry Williams pulls a fast one with Maggie Duncan and just may live to regret it.

     And, Maggie Duncan, the outspoken, horny, and demanding old girlfriend of Callas, continues to show up in the most unusual places.

     Maggie’s Revenge. Book Two of the Silver Fox Crossing series will leave you wanting more. After all, there’s always that final question that needs to be answered. Isn’t there?

Excerpt From: Maggie's Revenge

Chapter Two

He only hesitated a second before he walked to the driver’s side of the car, put the flashlight up to the window, and looked inside. The driver’s seat was empty. “No, no, no,” he cried out as he slowly sunk to the floor of the barn, his heart racing. He closed his eyes, thinking back to that winter night, remembering that it had just started to snow and how bright it was outside.


“You killed Cathleen,” Duncan softly.

“It took you long enough to figure it out.”

“I always wondered why they never found her killer.”

“You might as well have done it, Harry. You signed her death warrant the minute you walked into my house. I couldn’t live with her cheating any longer. Especially with you. She begged me not to hurt her. She promised she’d never see you again. I almost gave in but I was so fucking angry at her…”

“I’m sorry.”

“No one ever questioned that it was anyone but you. DNA is a wonderful thing. You left it all over the house and Cathleen.” Callas sighed. “I’m tired of this. Let’s get it over with.”

What are you doing?” Duncan asked. “What have you got there?”

“I want you to look straight ahead, Harry. This will only hurt for a second.”

“Don’t shoot me, Mike. Please. I don’t want to die.”

“I’m not gonna shoot you. Don’t move.” Callas pulled the cap off the syringe and plunged the needle into Duncan's neck. He pushed down on the plunger, emptying its contents.

“What was that?” Duncan screamed.

“Goodbye, Harry. Sleep tight.”


Callas checked the car one more time. The hose that was running to the back window of the car was taped securely to the exhaust. He was positive that none of his fingerprints were anywhere in the car or on the hose and tape. He was good to go. He reached inside the car, switched off the overhead light, and walked out of the barn.

As he walked away, he looked up at the falling snow and smiled. He wondered how long it would be before Harry’s body would be found.

He sucked the cold air into his lungs and the sharp pain in his chest made him feel alive. He felt ten pounds lighter. He fist-bumped the air and yelled. God, he felt good. It was finally over.

Callas jumped as a barn owl flew overhead, scaring him. “Damn bird,” he laughed nervously. He took a few deep breaths to settle himself and stood up. He looked in the car again, checking the back seat this time.

He didn’t move, trying to remember everything that had happened that night. The car had been running when he left the barn. Duncan was out cold from the injection. There was no way he could have come too and got out of the car. Callas opened the car door and checked the ignition. The key had been turned off. Someone else had been in the barn.

He turned and walked out of the barn, confused, concerned, and afraid of what the hell had happened to Harry Duncan’s body.

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