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THE FARMHOUSE   -   A Silver Fox Crossing Mystery


Chief Michael Callas enjoys being the Chief of Police in Silver Fox Crossing. It’s a quiet little town (don’t blink as you drive through or you’ll miss it) and nothing much happens there. In fact, it’s so small that being a cop is his part-time job.


Yes, it’s a quiet life for the folks who live in Silver Fox Crossing - until Callas gets a phone call reporting a dead man in a ditch. When Callas arrives at the scene, the man who reported finding the body in the ditch is dead.


It’s time for Callas to earn his money.

Excerpt from Chapter One


Fifteen minutes later, the two cops pulled up and stopped across the road from Alfred’s car.

“It looks like the guy is in his car,” Williams commented as he turned off the engine.

“Well, we best go see what’s going on,” Callas said.

“Maybe we should wait for the county,” Williams said. “They should be here pretty soon.”

“Come on,” Callas said, opening the door and getting out of the vehicle.

The two men walked over to the driver’s side of the car and looked inside. Arbogast didn’t move.

“What the hell?” Williams said. “Is he asleep?”

Callas opened the door and stared at Alfred. “I don’t think he’s sleeping. I think he’s passed out.”

“I think he’s dead, Mike.”

Callas put his hand on Arbogast’s shoulder and shook him. “Are you okay?” he asked. He glanced back at Williams and frowned. “Shit. I think you’re right.”

Without any warning, Williams grabbed Callas’ arm, yanked him away from the car, and slammed the car door shut.

“What the hell are you doing?” Callas yelled.

“Snake!” Williams shouted. “There’s a snake on the floor of the car.”

“Damn,” Callas exclaimed as he glanced through the window at the snake. “It’s a rattler, Barry.”

“Shoot it,” Barry yelled. “Kill that sucker.”

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