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Where the Hell is Harry? is the third and last book in the Silver Fox Crossing Mystery Series.

Silver Fox Crossing is growing. New homes are being built out where the Farmer farm once stood. A small mall was recently completed and old buildings in town are being refurbished. Even a pizza parlor has opened giving Big Billy's Bar and Café a little competition.

Callas has spent the past six months trying to get past the loss of his friend and partner, Barry Williams. However, the crime rate is up – murders are out of control and Callas needs help. Chief Callas finally agrees to hire some part-time police.

After one of his new cops is found murdered in the Silver Fox Crossing Police Station, Callas asks County Deputy Sheriff Freed to step in and help. Finally, cases are being closed – well, most of them. There’s still that one big question. Where the hell is Harry?

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