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Cassie’s Cookies  -  A Mystery Novel


A rocky romance leaves Kate beaten, bruised, and seeking revenge against her ex-boyfriend, Mark. Arrogant enough to believe she can commit a perfect murder; she buys a gun. However, when Mark, is found shot, the gun Kate bought isn’t the murder weapon.

Detective Morris is sure that Kate is the killer, but he has no concrete evidence to arrest her. Then, a few weeks later, another body is found, murdered with the same gun as Kate’s ex. Although Kate is the only one with a motive, she is hundreds of miles away from the murder scene.

Is Kate constantly a step ahead of Detective Morris and has she committed not one but two perfect murders? Will Morris finally get the evidence he needs to arrest and convict her? Or, will these two murders go cold?

If you enjoy surprises, you’re going to love this book. I guarantee you’ve never read a murder mystery like this.


A Silver Fox Crossing Mystery


Chief Michael Callas enjoys being the Chief of Police in Silver Fox Crossing. It’s a quiet little town (don’t blink as you drive through or you’ll miss it) and nothing much happens there. In fact, it’s so small that being a cop is his part-time job.


Yes, it’s a quiet life for the folks who live in Silver Fox Crossing - until Callas gets a phone call reporting a dead man in a ditch. When Callas arrives at the scene, the man who reported finding the body in the ditch is dead.


It’s time for Callas to earn his money.



5.0 out of 5 stars Unusual Indeed.

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Another very entertaining book from Susan. It pulled me in right from the start, and then just kept getting more an more intriguing. Susan always creates interesting characters, along with many plot twists and turns as the story progresses, and this story keeps one guessing all the way through. I like that she writes in a very everyday simple manner by not throwing in all sorts of fancy or difficult words, that are not commonly used by most people in their daily lives. Susan can sometimes end her stories by leaving the reader to come up with their own conclusions, but not this time, the ending to this story is awesome, especially for one particular character, loved it. A very fast and easy fun read.

Review of Cassie's Cookies  6/25/22

Bravo, I finished it last night and thoroughly enjoyed reading about both and a very interesting way of how you crafted this. Also like the clever way you got the book title back into the story at the end. Your stories have always been interesting, but from the writing concept of a book, I would say this is the best so far. I will anxiously await the next story that you come up with.