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Five minutes after Fran saves her sister, Phoebe, from a rape attack, she makes the biggest mistake of her life. Concerned the cops won’t buy the story of what actually happened, she convinces her sister that they should size down the body, bag it, and toss it away in the woods. However, cutting up a body is a lot easier said than done.  After one of the man’s fingers goes missing, thanks to Sammy, Fran’s cat, and can’t be found, the fear of being caught intensifies.

Emotions run high and Phoebe, who has spent her entire life being told what to do by her passive/aggressive sister, starts to fight back. But when Fran goes off the wall with her temper, Phoebe finally says enough is enough. Is it possible for sisters to continue to live in the same house, each wondering if she will still be alive in the morning? And, where is that finger?

From the first sentence, this book will make you laugh, shudder, squirm, wince a little, and wonder what is coming next. And – you won’t put it down until you finish that last page.

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The Box House

A Mystery Novel 

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What a wonderful night in Columbus with The Books and Beer Club. I was told it was the largest attendance that they had ever had. We had a delightful discussion about my book, The House on Ludington Street. I signed many books and met some super people. I wish to thank them for their hospitality. I had a great time.


Crossing Sydney

No matter how sophisticated a reader you are, Crossing Sydney is going to surprise you. A unique plot that keeps you riveted until the very end where you'll find yourself going back to read the last few pages just in case you missed something. You didn't - you were delightfully and masterfully tricked.

                        Review by: Laurie Lawson -        July 18, 2016

 The Mayor's Son

A simple town, a simple time ... and two ghastly crimes. Having grown up in small town America, I appreciated the undercurrents throughout the story. Cops, parents, friends and neighbors thinking the know everything there is to know about the goings-on around town ... only to find out otherwise. I found Susan's work to be an entertaining read that flowed well, kept me engaged, and provided a sufficient amount of suspense all the way to the surprise ending. Well done ...

                              Review by: Kevin Quamme -       Sept. 21, 2017