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It’s Lisa Mortimer’s wedding day. The weather has cooperated and it’s perfect for an outdoor wedding in the back yard of her millionaire parent’s home. Just as the wedding vows are about to be exchanged, three shots ring out. Two people suffer gun wounds, one fatally.

Lieutenant Michael Langsford is a long-time friend of the Mortimers and a guest at the wedding. As he and his men rush to find the killer, another body is found and the groom is missing.  

Just when you are sure you know who the murderers are, another twist in the story sends you in a different direction, making this the most unusual case that Langsford has ever worked

Excerpt From A Most Unusual Murder -  Taken From Chapter One

Michael sighed in relief as the minister finished his lecture and started the wedding vows. It seemed the temperature had risen substantially over the past thirty minutes and he couldn’t wait to take his jacket off and head for the bar. He turned slightly to look behind him, wondering exactly where the bar had been set up when a loud pop interrupted the ceremony and Lisa started screaming.

Knowing full well that a shot had been fired, Michael stood, intending to yell that everyone should get down. However, he froze as he watched the bloody remains of a gray squirrel fall from a limb onto Lisa’s veiled head. It slid down the back of her veil and came to a rest at the bottom of her flowing wedding dress, leaving a red trail of blood as it went. Lisa reached up, touched her head, saw the blood on her hands, and continued to scream.

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