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Synopsis:  A young boy’s excitement brings a shock to a neighborhood. A teenage girl is asked to her first prom, only to discover that her father is not the man she thought he was. What God decides is the solution to the world’s biggest problem backfires and changes the world forever.

Excerpt From: Red, White, and Blue

Taken from Chapter Two

“Jackson,” Calli said. “His last name is Jackson.”

“And, when did you say he moved here?”

“About a month ago.”

“Where did he live before he moved here?”

“I think it was someplace around Chicago.”

“Chicago? That’s a rough place to live, Calli. They have a really high murder rate there. There are shootings and killings going on there all the time. He wasn’t part of a gang, was he?”

Calli rolled her eyes. “Not everyone who lives there is in a gang, you know. Besides, I said he lived someplace near Chicago, not in Chicago.”

“So, why did he move here?”

“I feel like I’m getting the third degree, Mother. I’m not asking permission to marry him, for crying out loud. I just want to go to the prom with him,” Calli said, getting emotional.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. It’s just that I have to make sure you’ll be safe, that’s all.”

“Mother, his dad is an engineer of some kind and his mother is a nurse. He comes from a good background and he really is very nice. So, is it okay? Can I go?”

“I guess it’s okay.”

Calli gave her mother a big hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re the best, Mom.”

“Of course, you’ll have to get your father’s permission, you know.”

Calli’s jaw dropped as she stared at her mother. “Why?” she finally asked. “He doesn’t live with us anymore.”

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