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Lottery winners, Jack and Maggie Keegan, decide to live big after they hit the winning numbers. They have money – lots of money. And, one goal – to spend that money living a lifestyle that only money can buy. They can have it all now and they intend to do exactly that.


In a matter of weeks, they leave Chicago and move hundreds of miles away to their ‘Shangri La’, as Maggie calls it. Then, one day, after spending his time exploring their woods, her son lets it slip that there is a nudist camp on the property north of theirs. As Maggie tries to accept this bad news, an acquaintance from their old home town, is found floating nude in their private lake.


As the Keegan family struggles to hold it together, their youngest son goes missing, and their “Shangri La’ comes crashing down on their heads.

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Excerpt From The Twisted Tree Triangle

Taken From Chapter Six

“Michael, calm down. You’re not making any sense,” Jack said.

“A body. I saw a dead body. You need to call the cops,” Michael told him, his body shaking. “It was …”

“You found a body?” Maggie interrupted. “Are you sure? Where?”

“Here. Take a drink of water,” Jack told him. He handed the glass to Michael and watched as he took a long drink of water. “Now, very slowly, tell us again what you think you saw.”

“I smelled it before I saw it,” Michael said. “I thought it was some animal that had died. I was by the fence and I looked towards the smell and I saw a body lying on the ground.” He took a deep breath and let it out. “It was about twenty or thirty feet away from the fence. It was kinda buried, but I could see part of it sticking out of the dirt.”

“It was on the other side of the fence? Right?” Jack asked.

“Right. I was just walking along trying to see if there was a house or something over there when I saw it.”

“Jack, what do you think? That area belongs to the FBI, doesn’t it?” Maggie asked her husband.

“I think we should call the police. If Michael says he saw a body, I believe him.”

“Where’s Alex?” Maggie asked Michael. “Didn’t he come back with you?”

“Oh, crap,” Michael exclaimed. “I forgot about him. He wasn’t with me when I found the body. He was fishing.”

“You left him out there all alone?” Maggie exclaimed. “How could you do that, Michael?”

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