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The Sheriff "Cowboy" Berkson Mystery Trilogy


The Sheriff “Cowboy” Berkson Mystery three-book series are now combined into one novel for your reading pleasure. These three lighthearted, fun, and exciting stories will keep you entertained and wanting more. From the first page of Don’t Smother Your Mother to the final page of Floating Face Down, you will cheer for the good guys and, at the same time, hope the bad guys don’t get caught.


Sheriff “Cowboy” Berkson just wants to spend his days with his feet up on his desk, drinking coffee, and enjoying an occasional piece of homemade pie from Minnie’s Diner. But there’s trouble brewing when Melissa Johnson’s father dies and leaves her more money than she’ll be able to spend in a lifetime. Her sons soon find out that just because mom is rich. . .  Well, it doesn’t make you rich, too.


The bodies are piling up and when Berkson finally discovers the biggest clue as to ‘who done it’ he still hasn’t got a clue what it means.  Is Sheriff Berkson going to be left with an unsolved murder and an open case? Or, will he finally figure it all out?


I hope you enjoy getting to know Sheriff “Cowboy” Berkson, his deputies, and all the other weird and wonderful people in The Sheriff “Cowboy” Berkson Mystery Trilogy.

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