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“three points”

The Unsolved Murder of Ray Sullivan


Frankie Sullivan didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to kill. Although she didn’t realize it, the thought had been percolating in the back of her brain for some time now. Probably since the first time he had hit her. Most definitely after he killed her baby.

 ‘Thou shall not kill’, the bible commands. Of course, it also says ‘an eye for an eye’, she thought. So, until God and all those men in heaven make up their minds, ‘an eye for an eye’ works for me.

Chief Augie Austin has his hands full trying to prove that a man who disappeared has been murdered. He has no evidence. He has no body.  All he has is a gut feeling and his gut has almost always been right.


In her new novel, “three points”, Paré proves that you can get away with murder. You just have to die first.

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Excerpt From "three points

Taken From Chapter Six


Six cops and eight volunteer firemen were standing on the road waiting for instructions from Chief Austin. All they knew was that they were going to be looking for something in a plowed-over field.

 Austin was a quarter mile down the road talking to the owner of the land, Ron Rahn. Rahn pointed toward the field and nodded his head yes. “Of course, it’s okay. Any place you need to look is fine with me.”

“Thanks,” Austin said.

“You’re sure it was there?” he asked Austin.

“From what I’ve been told, that’s the place.”

“What the hell is wrong with people? How could someone do that?” Rahn asked, knowing that there were no logical answers to his questions. “Go ahead. Do what you need to do.”

“Thanks, Ron. I appreciate your cooperation.”

“Do you need my help? I’ll be happy to help look.”

“No, thanks,” Austin told him. “I’m pretty sure we’ve got enough men. Actually, I’ll be surprised if we find anything.”

“Me, too. The animals would have got it right away,” Rahn commented. “They can smell blood from a mile away.”

“You’re right about that. Well, I guess we better get started. Thanks, again.” Austin turned and walked back to the group of men.

Deputy Gorski got out of her squad car when she noticed Austin join the group. “Are we set?” she asked as she walked over to him.

“We are.” Austin turned to the men. “What we’re looking for isn’t pleasant,” he stated. “If any of you want to leave, there will be no bad feelings. If I could, I’d leave. But I’ve got a job to do and that’s not an option for me.”

“What are we looking for?” one of the men shouted to Austin.

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